Pari e Dispari is an agency which is specialized in projects on positive actions, on equal oppotunities between men and women, and, more generally, on the complex relationship woman-work society. It was concieved and it is directed by women and its main activities are research, planning women centres and new services for women, training and vocational guidance, comunication and organization of seminars, meetings, interviews.

Pari e Dispari organizes the training for members of Equal Opportunities Committees as provided in the Law 125/91 Law 53/2000 and in Agreements of both public and private sectors accomplishing sustainment, consciousness, planning and monitoring actions.

A section of Pari e Dispari attends to publications and every year edits a yearbook
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39 335 5357412 (P. Madami)


Positive actions

Training and vocational guidance in matter of equal opportunties

Women Centres

Active labour policies



Books and brochures

Organization ot Seminars, Meetings, Interviews